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One cannot buy or sell 60 or 65 shares in a Nifty futures trade.In Singapore Exchange, Indian stocks cannot be traded but it allows future products like SGX Nifty Futures. also facilitating investors to trade online.Singapore Nifty is suggesting Nifty to open near to its all time high.Technical analyst Ravi Nathani of tells the best strategy to trade Nifty. futures.

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Nifty future can be easily made profits from Intraday trading as its volume is high and entry and exit point decides the profit with proper analysis.Basically trading involves big risk either you trade in Nifty future or in any other future contract or in stocks.

The far month contract is usually priced higher than the near one because it has more time to expire.Majority will trade in current month as if we carry forward we can keep as an holding for three months time period.Can you please write a few lines on, how to trade in options and how call and put options are used as hedge for future trading.After subscribing to our service, traders are requested to follow all our calls and not.Frequently Asked Questions on Derivatives Trading. guarantees the trade).

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Our calls will be positional not frequently and with strict SL.

The NIFTY Futures is an Index derivative which derives its value from the NIFTY 50 Index and can be traded.ZT Spread Orders. b. Pair Trading: In. you would have to short Nifty futures and buy.A complete Traders portal solely made for the INDIAN NIFTY TRADERS.Markets are expected to be sideways for today as they have given a run.

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For example, you could sell a June Future today without owning it first, and you have till June 28th to buy back your Future and square your transaction.Before placing the order target and stoploss should be fixed.This site provide you FREE Daily Nifty and Bank Nifty Future Tips. We have a. in this site we provide you the best nifty future tips to trade and we assure you 200.Volatile stocks need more margin and less volatile shares need lesser margins.Nifty Futures Intraday Trading System helps a trader to trade nifty profitably.

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You can sell your Future at any time before the expiry and on the day of expiry your Future will be cash settled which means that you will either pay the difference if you are in a loss or you will be paid the difference if you are in profit.

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What is Nifty And. for that exchange has introduced NIFTY FUTURES.Sir, would you give your guidance regarding stoploss.Whether Stoploss should be applied or not.We advise our customers to trade under a particular strategy and not to look for over aggressive.

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Two contract of two different months always maintain a constant difference.In case of Zinc,Aluminium or lead, the difference is almost Rs.1. Now April Zinc LTP is around 105 and May is 106.Fear that dollar inflows from the US might cease, in case the quantitative easing by the US stops, has led to unwinding of long positions in Nifty futures.Lets do the bull calendar spread trade: Sell to open 2 lots of Nifty FEB 6000 CE:.How to Trade Nifty Options Intraday. Trade Nifty Options with AmiTrader.

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TradeWithMe provides live trades during trading hours for Nifty futures which can enable you to earn 500 points per month minimum.

I am not sure whether this method is helpful or not but definately it may reduce your loss.Nifty spot and Nifty futures are there and Nifty future is being traded now and Nifty spot is only for an indication to differentiate.Sir can you also clear my doubt that how price of contract of two different months moves in tandom( lets trading activites are going in April contract but no trading is going on may contracti.In such case if April contract moves up then May contract also moves up by the almost same points though trading is not taking placein May contract).Unless you have money, have courage to withstand 500 point volatility of Nifty (which may need 10-15 lakh roughly),better avoid it.