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My mother could be called a saint due to the fact that she is selfless and helps whoever she can as much as she can.If you are thinking of contacting rich people for money you need to make a list of all the possible millionaires and billionaires that you can contact for financial assistance.MR JOHN BILLS Delete Mamunur Kazi 19 July 2013 at 04:18 HI I need a loan to start a small business.

I suffer from an extreme case of cyclic vomiting syndrom and i also have other underlying problems that make it difficult for my body to absorb water and nutreints.But Cancer has been spreading into our lives and people around us.I had to move my family to a one bedroom apt and lost everything we owned because I couldnt keep up with the storage payments.Life has been realy hard for me.I thought about taking the easy out and just giving up but I have three small children that depend on me.

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I am in need of some financial help right now as my income is not sufficient.I am willing to accept any terms and conditions you might bring to the fore.These posts have received the most comments and emails and are definitely worth checking out and reading.And for my children I fought that battle and got myself clean.

Im 23 now almost 24 and ive never had a job I went to school for a year and that just didnt work out for me.I was told I had to leave today so I will get back this if I hae to leave befor help gets to me.

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I donate because I want to show off to potential mates how rich I am.I am aware some people never achieve one miracle in their lives, and we have,and not a day goes by that we arent thankful however we would love to spend special time with our miracle filling it with joy and happiness not worry and stress, any help would be gratefully received.I love this thread, imagine there is a procedure for getting money for free from rich people.Please help me i need to get out of debt with people who lend me money.

How To Get A Rich Man To Be Your Boyfriend Or Husband. And when you worry less about money, you get to fight more. and do not give up until you get.While my brother and sister are still being University students.I am jobless and cant find job already 9 months I am in a very big need of a photo camera, a laptop and makeup,face products, clothes,handbags,shoes anything is accepted.

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Find Some Money aims to become the greatest resource on the internet when it comes to helping people take their money to the next level.I am a 25 year old mother of two small children with no money no job no education and want for someone to just give me a chance.We could include a picture of the rich person as well as a video and include contact details of the charitable foundation that they run.

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I dont really have a financial support from my family or any friends every once in awhile my gf will help me out with clothes and other stuff I need but I just wish I could support myself.Always end the letter by thanking them and try to find rich people that sympathize towards your goal.Living in Jamaica is 10 times harder than living in Canada but he manages to pull through even when the going gets tough.I do go to church every sunday and latley has been the best exscape from my daily struggles.I dont want to be rich nor do I want a handout.If I get my probation paid off I can get my felony dropped to a midemeanor and after that expunged Ive never been to jail again or even before that I was always a good person just seemed to have the worst of luck Im pretty sure Im not even going to get a response from this but whatever right its worth a chance.

I have worked with volunteers to rebuild the village over the past years to give a house to each of them.Some of the ideas are common sense however these ideas are overlooked and people lose out on a lot of money.Instead of looking down on my extend your hand and lift me up.Find Some Money is seriously committed to helping you find these incredible people.I thank you for your time and I pray that you would be blessed for being willing to help others.I thought that if I gambled I could hit big and do for my family.

Hope to hear back soon and have a blessed and lovely day, Rebecca Kendrick Reply Delete HelpMePlease 8 June 2013 at 15:36 I am down on my luck I live day for day with no direction.And I want to be the next person in line to receive my degree.

Celebrity millionaires such as Oprah and Ellen give money away to their fans who are struggling financially and need cash now.Full Name: Loan Amount Needed: Country: State: Loan Duration: Cell Phone Number: Occupation: Monthly income: Gender: Mrs.I was sitting here thinking and praying for a way to pay my bills.Reply Delete Phillip Monda 10 June 2013 at 23:10 Are you unable to get an unsecured loans because of your bad credit status.I would reflect on what my hardship was and then find rich people who are willing to help people with that particular hardship.