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The Trade The Markets Live Trading room is a very active trading think-tank composed of some of the most knowledgeable, helpful.In this article I will breakdown the 9 reasons trading rooms will.

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Our philosophy is to provide a one-stop trading education solution by addressing all of the factors critical to trading success.No doubt you will have losses but learning something from the losses is key to not repeating them.You have come to a very special place to get great stock ideas, guidance and a wonderful community of other traders helping each other.Welcome to the Ezee Trader live trading room for both the equities and forex markets.

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The Prompt Trader Free Day Trading Chat Room gives you live minute by minute market technical analysis from pro traders as they discuss.The price swings can be huge, not to mention turning for what seems like no reason at all.Tuesday on the Euro closed similar to the way the Pound is closing today, namely a large daily reversal setup.

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During this time i took several courses with several companies but my trading never improved.

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If your tired of the same strategy with a different pretty wrapper on it then I think its time to check out what professionals use.

Going to get some sleep, have a video of another strategy coming soon.Without a doubt its because thats what the masses teach and that is why the masses (95% of all retail traders) will walk away from this market never realizing their own potential as a trader.With negative day trades as well as positive day trades you can gather a lot of information by looking at the results.Often times we trade during the most volatile times of the trading day which in itself is very stressfull.No doubt they lack discipline, patience, knowledge, and the list continues.

This would be more of a swing trade type position but I thought I would mention it for those that like to trade the Asian session.Founder of Day Trading Forex Live Members must have at least 1 vouchers to post in this thread.

If there is no follow through in the direction you are trading within 2 candles of the reversal candle its often better to get out.This is a pretty standard definition of a trend and is something that is well known to most if not all that are day trading in the forex provides an ideal environment for traders of all levels from novice to veteran traders which can follow our daily trading in the Live.You will also notice on the chart 2 great chart patterns often used in our trading room.No other Futures, Forex day trading education comes close to the transparency and consistency in our Live trade room.

Going to be moving the stop loss on the EURO long from above to break even.Live trading rooms are critical to growing as a trader, as they allow immediate feedback, networking and learning from a variety of individuals with different experience levels.If your interested in learning how the banks manipulate the forex market the link below goes to a 3 part video series.The Live Trading Room is a great place to interact live with professional traders and ask questions about the market and strategies we use to trade.The Equity Management Academy Live Trading Room shows you how an experienced fund manager trades in real time.A very simple way of using candles with the trend is waiting for a retracement against the trend and then a reversal candle at the end of that retracement.Using our proprietary trading patterns and unique formula, we are able to help you by giving you a trading edge while monitoring your ability to use the information we teach effectively.We are pleased to offer an easy-to-use web conferencing system which allows you to directly connect to the computer screen, trading with a pro.You will make money slower but this market will be here.its not going anywhere.

When the market retraced to this area of support a nice hammer reversal candle formed giving us 3 key factors. (candle marked by the blue arrow).This will not be an in depth explanation of the techniques used to day trade in the room, because I intend to do that one part at a time.Following the reversal candle setup there was no immediate move down.